Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome to Moe's!

Welp, I've been pretty lazy this past month. Just lying around the house...I was sick for one week with, I can honestly say, the worst cold I've ever had! I blew my nose so much that I got three nose bleeds and a big raw cut on my upper fun. I've turned in five or six applications, and finally got a job! I started working yesterday at Moe's restaurant! : ) It was pretty fun. Although, as we were closing up one of my co-workers dropped a bottle of bleach and it splashed all over me, ruining my work shirt, my black shirt, and my black jeans(which were brand new). That really sucked, but oh well. No need to cry over spilt bleach. : )
So on Wednesday night we had the elders over. Elder Burnett and Elder Fallon. They came to teach my brother's girlfriend about the church! And she agreed to meet with them again! : ) That's a really great thing! I made a chocolate cake for us to eat after the lesson, but my mom said she thought it was burnt, so she snuck out of the house and returned with a store bought cake. Lame. I was a little upset, but again, not a big deal. So I just frosted the cake I made, wrapped it up, and sent it home with the missionaries! : )
Tomorrow is Leiah's birthday, and yesterday was Robert's girlfriend's birthday, so tonight we're going to do something to celebrate the both, but I'm not sure what...maybe dinner, maybe a movie...we'll see.
That's it for now!
-Signing off.


  1. I am glad you posted your blog address on fb. I couldn't find it again after your first blog post. Glad you found work, even if your clothes got ruined already! Bummer!
    So excited about your decision to serve a mission.

  2. So sorry about the bleach incident. I am sure that the missionaries were thrilled to get a whole chocolate cake for themselves!