Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome to Moe's!

Welp, I've been pretty lazy this past month. Just lying around the house...I was sick for one week with, I can honestly say, the worst cold I've ever had! I blew my nose so much that I got three nose bleeds and a big raw cut on my upper fun. I've turned in five or six applications, and finally got a job! I started working yesterday at Moe's restaurant! : ) It was pretty fun. Although, as we were closing up one of my co-workers dropped a bottle of bleach and it splashed all over me, ruining my work shirt, my black shirt, and my black jeans(which were brand new). That really sucked, but oh well. No need to cry over spilt bleach. : )
So on Wednesday night we had the elders over. Elder Burnett and Elder Fallon. They came to teach my brother's girlfriend about the church! And she agreed to meet with them again! : ) That's a really great thing! I made a chocolate cake for us to eat after the lesson, but my mom said she thought it was burnt, so she snuck out of the house and returned with a store bought cake. Lame. I was a little upset, but again, not a big deal. So I just frosted the cake I made, wrapped it up, and sent it home with the missionaries! : )
Tomorrow is Leiah's birthday, and yesterday was Robert's girlfriend's birthday, so tonight we're going to do something to celebrate the both, but I'm not sure what...maybe dinner, maybe a movie...we'll see.
That's it for now!
-Signing off.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh the Changes of Life

Well, seeing as I haven't written in a long, long time I guess I should catch up. Two weeks ago I decided that I would move back to New York a lot sooner than I thought I was going to, which was going to be February. The week before I left I spent most of my time saying farewell to my awesome friends. I spent a lot of time at the Adair house hold which caused me me to regret not hanging with them a lot more while I was living in Utah. I also hosted a cookie decorating/caroling party. Quite a few people showed up and we made some pretty awesome cookies! We then took them to a few of our friends. After we went to Carl's Jr. for some delicious food and back to my place to chill. It was a ton of fun, and an awesome final party! The final guests left around 2 or 2:30am. I then spent my last day in Provo, being Christmas Eve, working, packing, and hanging out with the Adair's. I worked from 5am until noon at Day's Market. Then I turned in my uniforms, said good-bye to everyone, snapped a couple photos, and went home. I finished up my packing, with some help from Rena Adair. After running some errands and things I went over to the Adair's house. I had a blast with them, singing hymns and reading the Nativity Story. I stayed with them until about which point I said my final good-byes, and ran to my car before I started crying too hard. I decided to spend all Christmas day flying from Utah to Buffalo. Leiah picked me up at the airport around dinner time and drove me to my parents house. Leiah walked in the house and I sneaked in behind her. My younger sisters finally saw me and charged me. It was a great home coming! Since then I've just been chilling at home and filling out job applications...we'll see how my job hunt continues. Later!

Monday, August 17, 2009

We Got More Bounce In California!

Update on on Thursday night Natalie, Sean, and I left in my car up to Sugarhouse in Salt Lake City to stay the night with Nicole Harris (Natalie's amazing college friend). We got to her house around midnight. We all finally got to sleep around one or two...I can't remember...I set my alarm clock for 5:45am and we all go up and ready. Nicole drove us to the airport and we got on our left at 7am. Natalie and I sat together, and poor Sean had to sit alone in the back of the plane by himself. : ( We had a little girl sitting next to us, so we shared our gold fish and our skittles with her. We even got out doggy bag and made up a care package for Sean. When the seatbelt light turned off Natalie brought it back to him. Our plane landed in some small airport...I can't really remeber where it was, but it was small! We got off the plane outside, and walked into the airport. There were only three gates and it was packed! There was a little bird flying around inside and we gave it some goldfish. We got back on our original plane and chatted with the flight attendants. One of them was named Boris. He was the flight attendant on our original flight as well, and we had joked around with him a bit on our first flight. As we walked back to the plane we started singing and dancing down the walk way. Boris stepped out of the plane and had a mega phone. He said something along the lines of "Don't let those girls back on the plane." I looked hurt and started to walk back toward the airport. : ) We all laughed and loaded the plane. On that flight Sean sat across the isle from us, so we actually got to see his face. : )
We landed in San Fransisco/Oakland...I can't remember which. We got off the plane and went to catch a bus. The bus took us to the BART(Bay Area Rapid Transit). We then road the BART to downtown San Fransisco. We walked from there to China Town where we looked around and took a number of pictures. We ate at a delicious Chinese place called Uncle's. It was so good!
We then left China Town and went to downtown San Fran. We tried to ride the elevator in the tallest building in Northern California, but they wouldn't let us. So we went walking again. By this time we were really tired, so we attemped to find a park to take a nap in. Our little map said there was one at the Maritime Plaza. We got there and it was a parking garage. We decided to walk past it to another park. As we did I saw a lady climbing some stairs and said, what's up there? So we all went up the stairs and there was a park on top of the parking garage! We we went up there and slept for thirty to forty minutes. It was very nice!
Josh finally called us and said he was on his way. He showed up and we all went over the Marriot where my mom was staying. They dropped me off and they headed to pier 39.
My mom and her military friend, Tony, showed up finally. We got them checked in and met up with three more of their friends. The six of us then jumped on the trolly and rode it down to pier 39 where we met up with Natalie, Sean and Josh.
All nine of us then went to Bubba Gump Shrimp for dinner. It was super good! They even sang to Sean for his birthday, which is on Tuesday. We then said good-bye to my mom and left the restaurant. We crossed the Bay Bridge and Josh took us to a place called Treasure Island, where we had an amazing view of San Fransisco and was beautiful! We then went to Josh's house and got ready for bed.
Josh's friend Liandro Damaceno came over and we met him. I fell asleep on the couch pretty qucikly...I guess they all stayed up playing spoons and throwing pizza dough at the wall. : )
The next morning we woke up and Josh made us pancakes and eggs for breakfast. I tried peanut butter on my pancakes for the first time, and it was pretty good! Joe Norden and Liandro showed up and we all went to Pacifica Beach. It was so fun! I fell so many times! Everyone was laughing their butts off at me! By the end I had sand everywhere, but it was totally worth it! We left the beach and went to In & Out Burger...I had never been there before. The fries were kind of lame, but the burger was okay. After that we went back to Josh's house and got showered and packed to go home. We said good-bye to Sean and Joe and Liandro and headed out for home. We finally got on the road, after spending an hour at Walmart, around 9pm. I fell asleep around 11, after we went to In & Out Burger again(I got some food at the Taco Bell drive in and ate it in the In & Out). I woke up a couple of times but don't remember much of it...I finally woke up as we were getting gas in Elko, Nevada and stayed awake for a while. As we left Elko a helicoptor flew over our heads...and a little while later we were stopped behind two semi-trucks...apparently a pick-up had rolled on the freeway and the lifeflight helicoptor was there to pick people up. We had to wait for about half an hour, but then we were on the road again. I fell asleep again and woke up right before we entered the Salt Flats. Natalie, Josh, and I did M.A.S.H. and then rocked out to some Hymns. We got into Salt Lake City and picked my car up from Nicole's house. Natale and I got to her house around 11am and her mom had made us breakfast! I then left there and went to get ready for church. Natalie, her brothers Matt and Alex, CJ Dever, Amber Finch, Joe Lambson, one of Alex's friends, and I all sang in Natalie's home ward...we sang hymn #52. It turned out pretty well I think. I got home from church and fell asleep from 4pm until 8:30pm...then I woke up for two hours and actually got ready for bed...then I slept from 10pm until 6:15 this morning. This weekend was so fun! I loved it! I miss California already!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here Goes...

Okay, so I've never blogged before, so we'll see how this goes. I guess my interpretation of a blog is to write down your thoughts and what comes to you, I guess kind of like a journal, but people can read that's what I'm going to do.
I guess I'll start with why I named mine what it is...when I was little my three older siblings and I picked on each other a lot. We were watching TV one day and there was one of those little mini cartoon things before your cartoon came back on on Fox. It was some guy talking to this little lump of a dog that looked like a lump of poop...anyway, he would say something like, "Sit, Loafie, sit." and the dog wouldn't move an inch, then the guy would go "Good dog." I don't know who started it, but since then my siblings have called me Loafie...I know it doesn't seem like the nicest thing, and I'm sure at the beginning it probably wasn't, but over the years it has become somewhat endearing. Just a friendly reminder of all those years we spent growing up together and becoming who we now are.
I don't really know what else to type...hmmm...I'm currently sitting on my couch procrastinating getting some chores done as I rip CD's onto my computer for Anne to put on her ipod. I was talking to her earlier, and she said, "I now realize why you're living with me! You're the person who is going to make me electronic savvy!" I don't really see myself as "electronic savvy" but I guess compared to some people I am...we'll see how it goes. I may be calling up my computer programing guy friends for advice at a later date... : )
Well, I think I am going to officially say that this was a decent attempt at a "first blog". For now, it's for me to read, enjoy, and look back on. Maybe later I'll get some friends reading it, like I read some of my friends, and it will get better. Who knows. -signing off.